Thanksgiving and Christmas

’tis the season to be jolly….

Street Speech recently had a Thanksgiving Dinner for the hard-working and tireless vendors. Thanks to Spirit Uniforms, the Haaks, the Crawfords and Starbucks (as well as Street Speech staff and volunteers), we were able to have a great dinner and some gifts. These gifts included dress pants, jackets, Thanksgiving cards, cook books and more.

Street Speech is also having a Holiday/Christmas party  for the vendors, on December 22nd from 1-5pm. This party will include Christmas sweets and gifts. Every vendor will be offered dress pants, jackets, button up shirts (from Spirit Uniforms), 10 free papers and gifts for their children or grandchildren. We will also raffle off donated gifts, such as two fleece blankets, Este Lauder perfume, a bath set, a bath set for men and bags. There are a few things our vendors would still like and still need though:

* A month COTA pass   *deodorant    *Kroger or Wal-Mart gift cards

The blankets are also very popular items, so if you can donate new blankets, please do so!

Thank you so much for the consideration and time.  Happy Holidays!


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